AL SAHEL AL SHARQI COMMERCIAL BROKERS aims to become a leading brokerage company in UAE. Our goal is to create the most advantageous experience to assist you in achieving your objectives; we act as a partner to obtain more clients and projects. At Al Sahel Al Sharqi Commercial Brokers, we will assist you along every step of the way.

We offer:

  • Delivery of an exceptional, comprehensive and streamlined relationship management to our partners.
  • Established network and connection with potential clients for various projects and make access for better transactions.
  • Through our partnership, we create value and maximize return on investments.


AL SAHEL AL SHARQI COMMERCIAL BROKERS  is one of the respected commercial brokers operating in the UAE from its Head Office in Abu Dhabi since year 2010. Our team of professionals use cutting-edge marketing tools to provide smooth and proper business transactions to its potential clients/ partners. Our unique strategy has created major projects and substantial profit to our partners mostly in the construction field in the UAE.

Al Sahel Al Sharqi Commercial Brokers is proud to be a successful, privately owned company that competently stands shoulder to shoulder with local firms.

When you work with us, you get:

  •     A committed ally to get more clients and the backing of a trusted company;
  •     Assistance, knowledge and network to assist in offers and negotiations to secure suitable projects;
  •     Alert to new opportunities on the market;
  •     Help in accomplishing the desired business goal with our consistent and transparent cooperation by your side.